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Autumn’s coming…

lunes, 29 de agosto de 2011

Over the last few days, relatives and friends have been recalling me, time again and again, as if it were sort of a mantra, that my holidays are coming to an end. That they are about to finish, that there is barely nothing left. That every summer has its day. I don’t blame them. I should be banned from going here and there telling everyone how many (holy)days I have and, consequently, would avoid these more than deserved vendettas 🙂

However, all these «interventions» have made me reflect. It’s not about the days left, but about the way I took advantage of the past ones, how I employed my time during these summer days. It’s hard not to remember and compare those days in Karen, where I found much more than I expected, not only outside me, by mainly inside me. Nevertheless, and circumscribed to this almost finished month, I have to state that I have enjoyed this past time in ways I couldn’t ever imagine before them.

Was it for the food or the sun? Was it because of the relaxed time in Madrid and Chiclana, or the goals I achived while I was here? Definitely, the answer is no. What this summer has filled me up with, what really gave me the gift of joy, was the people. All my friends, old and new, and all my relatives, they all showed me, time and again, that I have to consider myself a very lucky loved one. They were more than kind giving me the presents of their smiles, their time, patience, help and sympathy.

And, of course, I love to do the same with them 🙂 As the old saying goes: «Don’t let the grass grow in the path of friendship».

(el post empezó en castellano, pero sin saber muy bien cómo, derivó rápidamente al inglés)

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  1. lunes, 29 de agosto de 2011 a las 20:36 | #1

    I love the way «Chiclana» fits in a text written in English 😉

  2. martes, 30 de agosto de 2011 a las 00:23 | #2

    @Gons You have to speak perfect English until you reach the word, then pronounce Chiclana as in Spanish, to get the effect! 😛

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