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Triste pero cierto…

sábado, 22 de diciembre de 2007

Jeff Atwood pega de nuevo en el clavo:

Coding Horror: Nobody Cares What Your Code Looks Like

Sin embargo, me ha gustado mucho que ese «nobody» hace referencia a none of your customers, o a none of your users, incluso diría que a none of your bosses, pero que sí nos importa a nosotros, programadores. Que de hecho, es nuestro trabajo:

Sure, we programmers are paid to care what the code looks like. We worry about the guts of our applications. It’s our job. We want to write code in friendly, modern languages that make our work easier and less error-prone. We’d love any opportunity to geek out and rewrite everything in the newest, sexiest possible language. It’s all perfectly natural.

The next time you’re knee deep in arcane language geekery, remember this: nobody cares what your code looks like. Except for us programmers. Yes, well-factored code written in a modern language is a laudable goal. But perhaps we should also focus a bit more on things the customer will see and care about, and less on the things they never will.


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